sexta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2010

Order pictures


If you always wanted to have her picture or artistic gift, this is your opportunity.

Make your order. Simply send me an email requesting your request or leave a comment.

Pictures can be made at the following techniques:

  • Charcoal and graphite drawing (size 297 x 420 mm)
  • Chalk pastels (size 297 x 420 mm)
  • Oil on canvas (size 50 x 70 cm)

1. With your request, send the budget and production time of the picture.

2. If you agree with the budget, should anticipate 50% of value;

3. Then I will start sending the picture to your email progress of work.

4. Finished the job, send your mail to the final result.

5. After payment of the other 50%, the work will be shipped by Postal service: PAC or e-sedex.

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  1. Leida, que lindo seu trabalho!
    Achei lindo, parabéns! To seguindo seu blog, da uma olhada no meu quando puder.